Wild Bird

Bring nature up close and personal

If you haven’t already, join the millions of people that have already discovered the joys of birdwatching. Casey’s has everything that you need to attract colorful songbirds to your yard. We only offer high quality bird baths, feeders, houses, and food. We also offer a complete line of birding accessories such as hooks, cleaning brushes and squirrel deterrents.

Functional Garden Art

Adding a bird bath to your yard not only provides essential water for the birds, it can create a beautiful focal point.

Feed The Birds

No matter what species of birds that you want to attract, we have the perfect feeder. We offer only the highest quality feeders for hummingbirds and other songbirds.

All Bird Seed Is Not The Same

Most bird seed contains fillers such as corn and millet that songbirds won’t eat and ends up on the ground. Our seed does not contain wasteful fillers. Black oil & Nyjer (thistle) seed is available as are suet cakes.

Squirrel Deterrents

Win the war against squirrels and other critters with a pole baffle. We also offer squirrel feeders that when placed away from your bird feeder can distract the  squirrels from eating your bird seed.