January 2019- Discover The Joys of Bird Watching

Few hobbies can appeal to young and old as much as bird watching. For youngsters, it can be as much fun as a scavenger hunt and for the very old, birding can be entertaining and for everyone else in-between, birding can be a great way to de-stress. No matter what the age, bird watching can be a rewarding, life-long hobby.


How To Get Started

The great thing about birding is that it can cost little to no money to get started. Expensive equipment is not required but if you choose to purchase a descent pair of binoculars, you will enjoy seeing birds closer than the naked eye will allow.

A field guide isn’t necessary but will be very valuable in helping you identify the birds that you see not only in your own yard but where your travels take you. A good field guide will have birds grouped by area with full-color pictures for easy identification.



Where To Watch

What makes birdwatching so easy is that you can birdwatch from the comfort of your indoors, but to really get the full experience and increase your sightings, head outdoors. Birds may have received a bad wrap and been labeled bird-brains, but they are actually smart enough to avoid obvious dangers. For this reason, birds choose to nest, feed and live near the protection of trees and shrubs. Not that you won’t see birds in wide open spaces, but if you really want to increase your sightings, head to a park or an area with numerous trees.

Don’t limit yourself to enjoying what is commonly known as “backyard birds”. Geese, cranes, ducks and other water-loving bird species can be found at just about any body of water such as ponds, creeks and rivers.


How To Attract Colorful Songbirds To Your Yard

Before purchasing bird food, feeders and nest boxes, know that each species of bird has a preference and or specific nest box requirement. You can never go wrong with black oil sunflower seed and/or suet. Avoid bird seed that has a high content of millet since this is used as a filler and is rarely eaten by desirable birds. A good feeder with adequate drainage and is easy to fill will make filling your feeders less tasking.


Get Bird Educated

There are countless articles on birdwatching but we recommend going to one of the most renowned birding experts in the industry, the National Audubon Society. Visit their website at https://www.audubon.org to learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about bird watching.