Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that we are frequently asked with reliable answers. Have a question that’s not listed? Call us at 812-537-3800, use our “Ask an Expert” submission form, or stop in our garden center to talk with an associate.

Know Your Planting Conditions

Does Casey’s deliver and/or offer planting services?

Yes, we offer both services! We can even provide same-day delivery on most orders. RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES: Deliveries will be made on private property providing that the purchaser assumes all responsibilities for property damages including, but not limited to, any damage to overhead and underground utilities (owned by the property owner or other), yards, walks, curbs and driveways that may be done by the seller. Casey’s Outdoor Solutions delivery person has final authority to determine safe conditions. Merchandise will be unloaded at the closest safe location in proximity to the requested site.

How big is a “scoop” of bulk materials such as mulch or gravel?

¾ cubic yard

When can I plant trees, shrubs & perennials?

The best times to plant are spring and fall when air temperatures are cooler and soil remains warm from the summer months. Technically, you can plant any time of the year as long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Does Casey’s offer landscaping services?

We do! Casey’s is known for our unique landscape designs using the finest plant material and hardscapes. Due to the time involved in quote preparation, we charge a $50.00 consultation fee that is applied as a credit towards your landscaping project if we do the work or if you purchase your plants from Casey’s. To schedule your consultation, call 812-537-3800.

Something’s wrong with my plant. Can Casey’s help me?

We will do our best. The key is early intervention. If possible, bring in a piece of the problem plant, pictures of the planting, and its surrounding area. This helps with the diagnostic process.

When do I trim my shrubs?

The plant’s bloom time determines when to trim. In general, if your plant is spring-blooming, trim right after it finishes blooming. If your plant blooms later than June, pruning in late fall or early spring (before new growth) is best.

How often should I water my plant?

Depending on soil type, how long your plant has been installed, and how much rainfall and sunlight it’s receiving will determine its watering needs. Always check soil moisture before watering. In general, if the soil is moist, it does not need additional water. If it’s dry to the touch, watering is needed. Newer plants need more attention during the first 1-2 years, especially during the summer months. Even well-established plants benefit from supplemental watering during hot, dry periods.

When should I seed my lawn?

The best time to seed your lawn is fall, once summer weeds and pests have dissipated and air temperatures have cooled, giving grass seedlings a better chance of establishment. The second-best time is late winter/early spring.

When should I fertilize my trees & shrubs?

Fertilization of trees & shrubs is best applied in spring when the plants are actively growing. We don’t recommend fertilizing your plants in the fall. It is best no to promote new growth that could be susceptible to frost or freeze.