Houseplant Hysteria

Event Phone: 812-537-3800

  • Houseplant Hysteria
     October 14, 2023
     9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Whether you are an avid houseplant enthusiast or just beginning to appreciate the beauty and benefits of houseplants, you won’t want to miss our Houseplant Hysteria. It will be a great opportunity to expand your houseplant collection or discover how much fun selecting the perfect houseplant can be. Buy a houseplant and a pot and we will pot it for free. For a nominal fee, we will repot your existing houseplant. Come and negotiate with others to swap plants or cuttings or leave plants on our “free” table for others to take home and enjoy. If you are bringing plants for the “free” table please make certain that they are healthy & pest-free. We also will be providing tips on selecting the right houseplants for your growing environment and advice on treating common issues that can occur with houseplants.  Houseplants and pottery will be 20% off during the event.


21481 State Line Rd., Lawrenceburg, Indiana, 47025, United States