December 2018- Enchanting Winter Weddings

When planning a wedding date, many couples immediately start looking at dates during the summer and fall months but winter is one of the most romantic seasons of the year. Also, planning a winter wedding can offer many benefits.


One of the best reasons to plan a winter wedding is your money will go further. Many wedding & reception venues have more availability during the winter which can translate into savings. Deciding where to have your wedding and reception is usually one of the first decisions made by newly engaged couples. The venue is the foundation for just about everything decision you will make. How many guests will it hold, how many flowers will be needed, etc.?  Some of the most popular venues can be booked two or more years in advance. By choosing to have a winter wedding you might just get the exact date that you want rather than having to settle.


By choosing a winter wedding you have the option of selecting a date near or on a holiday. This could make traveling easier for some of your guests and bring family and friends together during a time when love is celebrated.


Because evening settles in sooner during the winter months, you can use that to your advantage when it comes to creating a romantic setting. Use twinkle lights and lots of candles to create a magical scene. Don’t limit yourself to the indoors. Dress up exterior trees with lights and use candles and lanterns to light walkways. By getting married during the winter, you could get lucky enough to get a dusting of snow on your big day and your photographs will make your wedding look like a winter wonderland.


The options for winter wedding flowers are endless. You could go with the traditional bold reds and greens or the newest trend of softer colors with blue icy undertones. Before making a final decision on your colors, let our floral designer show you all the options that will help make your winter wedding truly enchanting.