March 2018- A Healthy Lawn Starts Now

With spring right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn. All it takes is just a few easy do-it-yourself steps and you can enjoy a lawn full of lush, green grass all season long. Fertilizer In late February grass is starting … Read more


February 2018- The Symbolism of Flower Colors

We all know that February is the month of love and romance but do you also know that there is symbolism in the color of the flowers that we buy for ourselves and others? RED No matter where the color red is used it makes a bold statement. It is a symbol of passion, desire, … Read more

Joys Of Bird Watching

January 2018- Discover The Joys of Bird Watching

Every year, an estimated 85 million Americans enjoy feeding, observing or photographing wild birds. Only one hobby, gardening, has more fans. Bird watching, sometimes called birding, is a great hobby to get involved in. Bird watching is a great way to get in touch with nature and anyone can do it. It requires little or … Read more

Deterring Deer

December 2017- Tips & Tricks To Deter Deer

As a gardener, few things can be more frustrating than discovering that the plant that was thriving yesterday, was a midnight snack for a doe-eyed herbivore or her male counterpart. Herbivores are animals that feed primarily on grass and other plants and deer fall under this classification. Deer can wreak havoc on your ornamental plants … Read more

Old Pumpkins

November 2017- Re-purposing Your Pumpkins

Now that Halloween is officially over you are probably thinking about tossing your pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns into the garbage. Before you do so, here are some suggestions on re-purposing your pumpkins. IMPORTANT: These suggestions for reusing pumpkins are for pumpkins that are free of wax, paint, preserving sealants, glitter, & artificial decorations. Compost Today For … Read more


October 2017- Fall Is The Perfect Time To Divide Perennials

With summer in our rearview mirror and fall officially at our doorstep, now is the perfect time to divide your perennials. This is because dividing your perennials can be stressful and they’ll recover better from the shock in cooler, wetter conditions. Dividing perennials is not only a great way to save money by getting plantings … Read more

seed saving

September 2017- Collecting & Saving Flower Seeds

Saving flower seeds is not only a great method of saving money and preserving your favorite flowering plants for next year’s plantings, it is also a simple task that allows you to share plants from your yard and garden for generations to come. The best seeds to collect and save are heirloom and open-pollinated plants. … Read more

Pruning Perennials

August 2017- Forcing Your Perennials To Rebloom

We all enjoy seeing the colors and textures that perennials provide in our gardens for the 3-4 weeks that they are blooming and then they usually take a backseat to showy annuals. Did you know that many perennials have the capacity to rebloom or even bloom continuously for 2-3 months? This is possible if you … Read more


July 2017- Summer Is A Great Season To Attract Birds To Your Yard

If you are someone that prefers being outdoors rather than being inside, enticing birds to your yard can add to that enjoyment. While winter bird feeding invites colorful songbirds to your yard when the landscape lacks color, attracting birds to your yard in the summer can be even more rewarding. Many birds have more colorful … Read more

Container Gardening

June 2017- Vegetable & Herb Container Gardening

Don’t have the space or time to plant a garden? This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of having fresh vegetables or herbs. You can still plant a thriving garden on your patio, porch or anywhere that you have room to place a container. Container gardening is an easy and … Read more